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A preview of the One Dig Ancient Egypt series, highlighting some of the visual effects and animation used to recreate ancient Egypt. We transport the viewer back in time to see how ancient Egypt looked using 3D animation and the Unreal game engine.   The ancient Egyptians leveraged water and the hidden power frequencies for constructing the great pyramids, but also as a source of power to move materials. The Ancient Egyptians recognized the power of frequency as well as the wisdom of natural law and its emanations, the Neters. Learn more at our channel here on One Social and get bonus content to help you unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt. This spring, in April 2023 One Dig will debut exclusively on One TV.
*NATURES ELEMENTS premiers Spring 2023 with *Water and *Ice that opens a window to spectacular waterfalls, oceans, lakes to never before seen Ice caves of Antartica. "A meditative experience that is a moving art masterpiece where Mother Nature is the subject. Turns your screen into a window of natural beauty. " - Nature Photographer Once our film teams had passed the Ice Walls' restrictions, they launched a swarm of robotic drones that were outfitted with cinema cameras and plunged into the sky's ice tunnels before sweeping back up into the heights across glistening ice terrains and towering peaks. Only drones could have recorded this breathtaking meditation of our planet. You will be able to appreciate these terra scapes' breathtaking magnificence for the first time. Watch the teaser in this playlist, and be sure to subscribe for updates, behind-the-scenes photos, historical film clips from on Col. Byrd's Operation Highjump, desktop wallpaper, soundtrack music, and much more.   About Natural Elements: This is a different type of nature documentary series that opens up a window into Natural Elements through stunning cinematography and locations that transform your screen into a window to nature. Each episode will focus on an element of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire and bring you closer to natural wonders. This is a perfect way to bring a natural resonance to your environment. Turn any TV screen, mobile device, or monitor into a window of stunning natural beauty.  
  The thirst for knowledge has consumed humanity since the dawn of civilization. However, until recently there have been numerous “gate-keepers” to the world of knowledge. Prior to the rise of the Internet most knowledge was conveyed to the populace through a centralized educational system, the state and the mass media. What this meant was that whomever controlled these institutions controlled the ideas that spread through a population. The advent of the Internet has initiated a revolution like no other. The Internet is smashing all barriers to knowledge by granting individuals across the globe free and easy access to the vast library of ideas built up by humanity. For the first time in history we can seriously say that knowledge is free – the contemporary gatekeepers do not have the capacity to censor and control information on mass scale. At least, not yet.  The goal of this website is to further the spread of knowledge and freedom. We create content examining the ideas put forth by humanity’s greatest philosophers, psychologists, and economists. These individuals left us with a commodity more valuable than all others. Some people have said that money rules the world, some say politicians, some say weapons – they are all wrong. The truth is that ideas rule the world, they always have and always will. It is ideas that will, for better or worse, shape the destiny of mankind.  “Thoughts that come on doves’ feet guide the world.” (Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra) Academy of Ideas is the creation of two brothers from Canada. All of the content is produced by us. We are not supported by or affiliated with any organization or university. Our goal is to spread the message of individual liberty and empowerment to as many people as possible. Help us in our mission, and access our growing library of Membership videos (currently 55+ videos) – Become a Supporting Member! We rely on the support of individuals like you. Learn more by following the link below: https://academyofideas.com/about/
A curated list of the best sound baths, crystal singing bowls, and healing 528 Hz frequencies to raise your frequencies for healing, detoxing, sleeping, and more Having sleeping issues? Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed? Experiencing Pain? We've put together a list of the best long-form baths, which can last anywhere from three hours to more than twelve hours and include sound baths from artists and healers, healing vibrations, beautiful crystal bowls, thoughtful lighting, and themed sets that will take you to another world. We have included our own 528 Hz frequency sessions to help with body, mind, and soul. While resonance is revealing many health and mental benefits from recent neuroscience, it is  also uncovering how frequencies play a large part in our brain and interception functions. Raising your brain frequency starts when your brain locks into the sound frequency that resonates and helps your body defend itself against emf pollution, any targeted energy attack, and the radiating emf that our bodies are constantly swimming in from wifi, 5G, and modern smart devices. HELPFUL TIPS; 1. Make sure auto-play is turned on in the playlist. You can find this in the top-right corner of your web browser, next to the video you're watching. 2. All of the videos in the playlist have coordinated sound baths; there may be an advertisement before each new video from third-party streaming; however, once the video begins, it will run for the full duration of 3 to 12 hours, uninterrupted. 3. For sleeping, choosing one of the black-screen videos in our playlist is perfect if light bothers you; otherwise, start from the beginning with the Healing Vibration sound baths, as they are top production quality and have beautiful color therapy; theme sets are an added benefit. 4. Reduce the volume to a lower level than usual. Sound baths and crystal bowls tend to reverberate even at lower volumes. Connecting to Bluetooth-quality speakers, headphones, or earbuds will optimize your sessions. 5. Don't be surprised if you become addicted to these sound baths (it's a good addiction, though!). We are guilty of watching thousands of plays, and it's our go-to every night before bed. 6. Watch our series "One Frequencies" to learn the science behind the power of sound and the ground-breaking new discoveries of the hidden healing energy of frequencies. You can view our series here: https://onesocial.live/onetv/playlist/29/one-frequency/ Be well. Feel Well. 💜One Frequency United #SoundBaths #Frequencies #Healing # SleepSounds #528Hz #BrainEntrainment #Resonance
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On March 10, 2023 502 views

"The best AI documentary on the internet, made by a game developer who presents complex subjects, sensitive issues, and ethics in a truly fair and balanced presentation with a lot of humor!"- ONE TV 

AI is here. Artists, game developers, writers, voice actors, video creators... All creative industries are about to be rattled up like never before. What does this mean for creatives? How can you prepare? What does the future hold? In this full length (and ad-free) documentary I want to invite you to a deep dive into the topic of AI. I don't have all the answers, but we need to start having a nuanced discussion about this right now before it's to late!

- David Shapiro: https://www.youtube.com/@DavidShapiroAutomator
- Yän: https://www.youtube.com/@YaenGamedev
- Thomas Brush: https://www.youtube.com/@thomasbrush
- TheShelfman: https://www.youtube.com/@TheShelfman

1) Sam Altman Interview by Greylock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHoWGNQRXb0
2) Life in Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP5-iIeKXE8
3) The End of Art by Steven Zapata Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjSxFAGP9Ss
4) A Message to Artists by ChrissaBug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx3ROK9nOYE
5) Robot Tax by David Shapiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24srC931Yxo

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
2:44 - How Image Generation Works
5:30 - How AI Works Using Math
10:09 - How Text Generation Works
13:58 - Can AI Be Creative?
17:10 - Copyright Problems
21:27 - Overfitting
24:16 - Stealing Art Styles
26:13 - Replacing Artists
30:10 - A New Chapter Begins
35:57 - Image Generation
40:59 - Collaborating With Art AI
46:40 - Fine Tuning Custom Models
48:38 - Text Generation
51:37 - Collaborating With Text AI
54:32 - The AI Race (Google vs. Microsoft)
56:03 - Music Generation
57:50 - Collaborating With Music AI
58:52 - MusicLM Seems Insane
1:00:47 - Voice Generation
1:01:33 - Speech to Speech
1:02:50 - Text to Speech
1:03:51 - Audio Enhancement
1:04:37 - Everything Will Be Generated
1:08:35 - Human vs. Machine Comparison
1:11:42 - Speed of Development
1:14:53 - Predictions
1:19:16 - The Social Contract
1:20:59 - AI Agents Online
1:24:23 - More Risk Factors
1:25:56 - When Humans Become Useless & Mindset
1:27:26 - Forge Your Own Path
1:31:25 - What You Can Do (Let's Talk!)

A) Midjourney: https://www.midjourney.com/home/
B) Dall-E 2: https://openai.com/dall-e-2/
C) Stable Diffusion on PlaygroundAI: https://playgroundai.com/
D) OpenAI Playground (Text Completion): https://platform.openai.com/playground
E) Chat GPT: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/
F) AI-Upscaling: https://imgupscaler.com/
G) Style Transfer: https://neuralstyle.art/
H) Artbreeder: https://www.artbreeder.com/
I) Stable Diffusion (One Click Install): https://github.com/cmdr2/stable-diffusion-ui
J) Astria (Training Custom Models): https://www.astria.ai/
K) Soundraw: https://soundraw.io/
L) Amper Music (They are only on Shutterstock now, eww!): https://www.shutterstock.com/discover/ampermusic
M) Aiva: https://www.aiva.ai/
N) MusicLM Previews: https://google-research.github.io/seanet/musiclm/examples/
O) AlteredAI Speech to Speech: https://www.altered.ai/
P) Elevenlabs Text to Speech: https://beta.elevenlabs.io/
Q) Adobe Speech Enhancement: https://podcast.adobe.com/enhance
R) E-Mastered: https://emastered.com/

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What do you think? Anything I missed or got wrong? Please let me know and keep the discussion in the comment section civilized. Thank you! :)
#ai #artificialintelligence

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by May 4, 2024
ONE SOCIAL has a special 45 day supply for $9.99 with highest quality Moringa feat over 19+ Amino Acids, Vitamin C, A, E and anti detox, Plus more protein than Soy with 8 Grams of Protein per 600mg Get this deal now on Moringa products, please visit: https://amzn.to/3yfWGug ---------------------------------------------- Often referred to as the “miracle tree,” moringa is gaining in global popularity for its beneficial roles not only in nutrition but also in sustainability, global health, and agriculture. So what makes moringa so magnificent? Nutrients Found in Moringa Across the globe, people in developing countries supplement their diets with moringa because of its extraordinary nutrient density. Moringa leaves are rich in protein, essential amino acids, and micronutrients such as copper, manganese, iron, zinc, and vitamin A, making it a great source for natural nutrient fortification (2, 3). Moringa is not only abundant in micronutrients, but it also has polyphenols, isothiocyanates, and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Its oil is nutritionally similar to olive oil but is more resistant to oxidation and does not become rancid as quickly. 8 x the Vitamin C then Oranges! Unlike many botanicals, studies have shown that moringa is hearty and that its nutrients can withstand extreme temperatures such as boiling. By adding the leaves to a broth or even battering and frying them, unserved populations are able to nourish their bodies with an easy-to-grow superfood that can be harvested locally and remain nutritionally stable for long periods of time (4). Moringa Is More Than a Superfood The mild flavor of the flower and nutrient-dense leaf are consumed in foods and brewed as a tea, but beyond its nutritional benefits, moringa’s versatility makes it a sustainable solution with many applications. The seed oil is often used in skin and hair care, while the seed itself has more recently been used in water purification. Moringa bark and seed cake are used in textiles and animal feed, the roots are used therapeutically, and the live tree is often used as fencing (5, 6). With little water needed to grow it and the ability to utilize every part of the tree, moringa is a sustainable option across multiple industries with virtually endless uses. History and Global Use of Moringa The moringa (Moringa oleifera) tree is a fast-growing, deciduous tree native to subtropical areas in southern Asia, Africa, and South America. Because of its ability to grow year-round, many cultures have used various parts of the moringa tree both medicinally and as a food source. First described around 2000 B.C., moringa was used as a remedy for over 300 conditions in traditional medicine (1). Today, it continues to thrive globally because of its ability to sustainably improve diets by adding protein, micronutrients, and other phytochemicals. #isagenix #moringa #moringahealthbenefits #moringabenefits #moringatree' Purchase organic highest quality Moringa now with ONE SOCIAL special discout 60 day dupply at $9.99. https://amzn.to/3yfWGug   References 1. Matic I, Guidi A, Kenzo M, et al. Investigation of medicinal plants traditionally used as dietary supplements: A review on Moringa oleifera. J Public Health Afr. 2018 Dec 21; 9(3): 841. 2. Olson ME, Sankaran RP, Fahey JW, et al. Leaf Protein and Mineral Concentrations across the “Miracle Tree” Genus Moringa. PLoS ONE 11(7): e0159782. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0159782 3. Glover-Amengor M, Aryeetev R, Afari E, et al. Micronutrient composition and acceptability of Moringa oleifera leaf-fortified dishes by children in Ada-East district, Ghana. Food Sci Nutr. 2017 Mar; 5(2): 317–323. 4. Gopalakrishnan L, Doriya K, Kumar DS. Moringa oleifera: A review on nutritive importance and its medicinal application. Food Science and Human Wellness. 2016 June; 5(2): 49-56. 5. Mulugeta G and Fekadu A. Industrial and Agricultural Potentials of Moringa. Journal of Natural Sciences Research 4 14. 6. Masih LP, Singh S, Elamathi S, et al. Moringa: A multipurpose crop – A review. Proc Indian Natn Sci Acad 85 No. 3 September 2019 pp. 589-601  
by March 14, 2024
Astaxanthin, a carotenoid primarily found in marine environments. It's what gives salmon, shrimp, and even flamingos their vibrant colors. Astaxanthin is claimed to have potential health benefits such as improved skin health, enhanced exercise performance, and protective effects against oxidative stress and inflammation. Astaxanthin is also widely marketed in supplements for purported health benefits like anti-aging and improved athletic performance. But how much of this is backed by science, and what are the real effects of this compound? In this video, Healthnews critically explores Astaxanthin, separating facts from fiction. We delve into what Astaxanthin really is, debunk the myths surrounding its benefits, and provide a comprehensive review based on scientific evidence and research. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, someone interested in natural health products, or just curious about Astaxanthin, this video is for you! #astaxanthin #astaxanthinexplained #Healthnews ⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️ 0:00 Astaxanthin explained 0:56 What is astaxanthin? 1:30 Astaxanthin: hype vs reality 4:02 Scientific evidence and research 📚 Sources and material 📚 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34578794/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1043661820314213 https://www.mdpi.com/1660-3397/21/10/514 https://examine.com/supplements/astaxanthin/ https://www.naturalmedicinejournal.com/journal/astaxanthin-review-literature https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35631193/ ℹ️ About us ℹ️ Healthnews is a media channel that educates people on various health topics and provides readers the most up-to-date, science-led, fact-based medical information in a language that is easy to understand. We dive deep into health and science topics that interest you without shying away from controversial topics. HealthNews content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and is for general informational and educational purposes only. See a licensed medical professional for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment.
by March 3, 2024
📢Try these best nootropic supplements in 2023!📢 🧠Nooceptin: https://hlth.news/get-nooceptin/ 🧠Mind Lab Pro: https://hlth.news/get-mindlabpro/ 🧠NooCube: https://hlth.news/get-noocube/ Nootropics, often referred to as "smart drugs" or "cognitive enhancers," are substances used to improve mental performance, including memory and focus. In this video, we answered the key questions about nootropics: what are nootropics? How do nootropics help to enhance memory and focus? What are the best nootropics for memory and focus? Are there any risks of using nootropics? Nootropics fall into two main categories: dietary supplements and prescription drugs. Dietary supplements, which are sometimes marketed as natural or herbal, include ingredients like ashwagandha, Bacopa monnieri, and omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, prescription nootropics are FDA-approved for specific medical conditions. These substances are sought after for their potential to enhance cognitive functions, with a growing interest in their use for both medical and non-medical purposes. #nootropics #bestnootropics #smartdrugs #healthnews 🔔 Subscribe to our YouTube channel @HealthnewsOfficial to always stay in the loop! 🔔 🎬Check out our other videos🎬 Can NMN Prolong Your Life? The Latest Research➡️https://youtu.be/sctwzsI1hH0 How to Live Longer: Top 5 Foods to Eat For Longevity➡️https://youtu.be/AmVswu0A-FI Longevity and Fitness: Can Fitness Lead to a Longer Life?➡️https://youtu.be/eSVcFPk2Cgs What Are the Hidden Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms?➡️https://youtu.be/LKRsVMLRLgc 💬 Let’s connect on other social media channels 💬https://linktr.ee/HealthNewsOfficial 📧 Stay in the loop with the most essential topics from the world of health with @HealthNewsOfficial newsletter: https://hlth.news/get-newsletter/ 📧 ⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️ 0:00 Nootropics for Memory and Focus 0:43 Prescription Nootropics vs Nootropic Supplements 1:37 What Are Nootropics? 2:21 How Do Nootropics Work? 3:50 Nooceptin 4:17 Mind Lab Pro 4:42 NooCube 5:40 Risks of Using Nootropics 📚 Sources and material 📚 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9415189/ https://www.opss.org/sites/default/files/downloadable/OPSS_BHG_022521_508.pdf https://www.opss.org/article/nootropics-drugs-vs-dietary-supplements-brain-health ➡️ Don’t forget to visit our website: https://hlth.news/visit-healthnews/ ℹ️ About us ℹ️ Healthnews is a media channel that educates people on various health topics and provides readers the most up-to-date, science-led, fact-based medical information in a language that is easy to understand. We dive deep into health and science topics that interest you without shying away from controversial topics. HealthNews content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and is for general informational and educational purposes only. See a licensed medical professional for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment Some of the links in the video or description may be affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and make a purchase, we may receive commissions at no extra cost to you.
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ONE SOCIAL co-founder Carson Synh 50th Birthday Celebration. Family and friends celebrated a top a hill over looking the city lights and starlight. Love and Harmony ! ❤️🎂   Music by SAD ROBOT available on One Meida and Akashic Records Jan 20024
by November 24, 2023
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Watch the iconic band TEAR FOR FEARS perform their egnimatic song 'SHOUT' whom delivers a stunning performance. Over 40 years and they have never sounded better. Check out Tears For Fears latetst album here : https://tearsforfears.com Tears for Fears are a British pop rock band formed in Bath in 1981 by Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal. Founded after the dissolution of their first band, the mod-influenced Graduate, Tears for Fears were associated with the new wave synthesizer bands of the 1980s, and attained international chart success as part of the Second British Invasion.[8] The band's debut album, The Hurting (1983), reached number one on the UK Albums Chart, and their first three hit singles – "Mad World", "Change", and "Pale Shelter" – all reached the top five in the UK Singles Chart. Their second album, Songs from the Big Chair (1985), reached number one on the US Billboard 200, achieving multi-platinum status in both the US and the UK.[9][10] The album contained two US Billboard Hot 100 number one hits: "Shout" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", both of which also reached the top five in the UK with the latter winning the Brit Award for Best British Single in 1986.[11] Their belated follow-up, The Seeds of Love (1989), entered the UK chart at number one and yielded the transatlantic top 5 hit "Sowing the Seeds of Love". After touring The Seeds of Love in 1990, Smith and Orzabal had an acrimonious split. Orzabal retained the Tears for Fears name as a solo project, releasing the albums Elemental (1993) – which produced the international hit "Break It Down Again" – and Raoul and the Kings of Spain(1995). Orzabal and Smith reconciled in 2000 and released an album of new material, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, in 2004. The duo have toured on a semi-regular basis since then. After being in development for almost a decade, the band's seventh album, The Tipping Point, was released in 2022,[12] giving the band their sixth UK Top 5 album and their highest chart peak in 30 years, and reaching the Top 10 in numerous other countries, including the US. In 2021, Orzabal and Smith were honoured with the Ivor Novello Award for 'Outstanding Song Collection' recognising their "era-defining Tears for Fears albums" and "critically acclaimed, innovative hit singles".
by August 31, 2023
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by August 29, 2023
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Watch and share One Social's new commercial " Humanity is at their greatest potential when they are feree sovreign souls"  *You can share this video and embed it anywhere without having to sign on. 
by June 8, 2023
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Awakening is the next stage in human evolution. The Awakening Mind Film Series travels the globe speaking to wisdom teachers, visionaries, and scientists from broad and diverse disciplines, philosophies, and traditions who are pointing with uncanny similarity and intelligence to this time as an epic juncture and an invitation to a higher evolution for humanity Awakening Mind explores the questions "who am I?", "what is awakening?" "why awaken?" "what is consciousness?", "how do I awaken?", "what is the purpose and meaning of life?", and "how am I to navigate this world experience to the best of my ability for the benefit of all?" In this time where the world feels out of control and filled with so much suffering and sadness, these questions are particularly relevant, and the answers are a lot simpler than one might imagine. Our visionaries will help our audience see that life is not as complicated as they may believe, and it is possible to awaken to the understanding that peace and happiness is available to anvone anvwhere in the world right now. The Awakening Mind Film Series will be released for free for the benefit of humanit and the awakening of human consciousness (in as manv languages as possible). Speakers in Part 1, "Know Thyself" include: Rupert Spira, Donald Hoffman, Neale Donald Walsch, Loch Kelly, Lisa Natoli, and Daniel Schmidt.
by May 26, 2023
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Witness Our Film Crew Escape Military Jets and Explore Antartica's Stunning Ice Caves Watch this exclusive sneak peek as we take you behind the scenes of our film crew's daring journey. Join us as we evade military jets, traverse Antartica's giant ice walls, and venture onto the ice-filled land to explore stunning crystallized ice caves. Along the way, a playful family of penguins and seals make an appearance, posing for the cameras BE SURE TO WATCH THIS SEASON PRIEMERE IN JUNE 2023  'Natural Elements'- Turns your screen into a window of earth's spectrum of beauty. Unlike any other nature documentary, this series gets you up close with the natural elements of earth, fire, water and air.  Our premiere episode, 'water and ice', shot on location in ANTARCTICA- PAST THE ICE WALLS takes a  journey down into Ice Caves. Robotic cameras and cinematic drones capture stunning beauty and plunges deep into the spectacular ice caves, revealing a whole new world.  ONE STUDIO PRESENTS  EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: CARSON SYNH MARK LACEY ALEX VO DIRECTED BY: MARK LACEY PRODUCED BY: AKASHIC ENERGY STUDIOS LEAD CINEMAPHOTOGRAPHY: JOSH CAMBRIDGE LOCATION UNIT: HERNAN SANTIAGO NAÚTICAL OPERATIONS: ANTONIO SUEZ DRONE OPERATOR: SEAN ASTOR LOGISTICS: LISA WARNICK POST PRODUCTION: AKASHIC.ENERGY SOUNDTRACK : AKASHIC RECORDS PRODUCTION SUPPORT  DAP Airlines Oceana Tramp Sails Magellan Explorer Sony Airpeak S1Drones Canon EOS C70 Cameras Apple Final Cut Pro iOS    Gitzo GK1580TQR5 Series 1 Traveler 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod LiteDisc Circular Reflector, White Opaque/Silver, 22" Photoflex LiteDisc Circular Reflector White Translucent, 22" Lowepro Outback 200 Modular Beltpack Black Diamond Ice Climbing  Vapor Helmuts Terminator Gloves  Punisher Gloves Stinger Crampons Spinner Leashes Fuel Ice Tools Overboard Waterproof Roll Bags  
by May 13, 2023
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A.rtificial I.mmortality - If you could create an immortal version of yourself, would you? Once the stuff of science fiction, A.l. experts now see it as possible. This feature documentary explores the latest thinking and technological advancements in Al. A.rtificial I.mmortality was produced in 2021 and looks at the feasibility of living forever through technology. Although A.I.  has matured expodentially since this film release,  makes this film more important.  Many will find what's revealed to be of science fiction and yet it demonstrates how much more advanced then the public understands. One Social presensts this as part of our A.I. Manifesto series that argues for protections against these advancing technologies.   You can listen to author Mark Lacey, Founder of One Social read a passage from A.I. Manifesto here.    This film presented the many sides of this subject with humanity and senstivity through the eyes of the director set agaisnt loosing her Father to demenitia.  Director: Ann Shin Writers: Shannon Kennedy, Erica Leendertse, Julia Nunes Stars: Bina48, Nick Bostrom, Lincoln Cannon Genre: Documentary Country: Canada Language: English Release Date: April 29. 2021 (Canada) Filming Location: Canada Synopsis: If you were able to create an immortal version of yourself, would you? Until this decade, that question was the stuff of science fiction, but now experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics suggest it will indeed be possible. This feature documentarv explores the latest advancements in Al, robotics and biotech including such innovations as 3D mindclone avatars. brain organoids grown in petri dishes. and android robots who see beauty in the universe. Can we replicate the human mind--let alone the human soul? This guestion is explored with visionaries including: Nick Bostrom, author of Superintelligence Japanese roboticist, Hiroshi Ishiguro; Douglas Rushkoff, author of Team Human: Ben Goertzel, founder of Singularitv.net: and Deepak Chopra, who is creating his own A.I. mind twin. Some visionaries see humanity advancing toward a new age of post-biological life, a world of intelligence without bodies immortal identitv without the limitations of disease. death. and unfulfilled desire. As scientists point us toward a world where humans and machines are merged, we have to ask ourselves will Al be the best, or the last thing we ever do? Reviews: "A fascinating fora deep into the realms of artificial intelligence machine learning and biotechnology." - National Post - Chris Knight "The movie at once understands both the beauty and enormity of the possibilities." - Global News - Chris Jancelewicz "Artificial Immortality is a brilliant examination of clones and what the may ultimatelv mean for the future of humanity." - POV Magazine - Marc Glassman
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