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Astaxanthin, a carotenoid primarily found in marine environments. It's what gives salmon, shrimp, and even flamingos their vibrant colors. Astaxanthin is claimed to have potential health benefits such as improved skin health, enhanced exercise performance, and protective effects against oxidative stress and inflammation. Astaxanthin is also widely marketed in supplements for purported health benefits like anti-aging and improved athletic performance. But how much of this is backed by science, and what are the real effects of this compound? In this video, Healthnews critically explores Astaxanthin, separating facts from fiction. We delve into what Astaxanthin really is, debunk the myths surrounding its benefits, and provide a comprehensive review based on scientific evidence and research. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, someone interested in natural health products, or just curious about Astaxanthin, this video is for you! #astaxanthin #astaxanthinexplained #Healthnews ⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️ 0:00 Astaxanthin explained 0:56 What is astaxanthin? 1:30 Astaxanthin: hype vs reality 4:02 Scientific evidence and research 📚 Sources and material 📚 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34578794/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1043661820314213 https://www.mdpi.com/1660-3397/21/10/514 https://examine.com/supplements/astaxanthin/ https://www.naturalmedicinejournal.com/journal/astaxanthin-review-literature https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35631193/ ℹ️ About us ℹ️ Healthnews is a media channel that educates people on various health topics and provides readers the most up-to-date, science-led, fact-based medical information in a language that is easy to understand. We dive deep into health and science topics that interest you without shying away from controversial topics. HealthNews content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and is for general informational and educational purposes only. See a licensed medical professional for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment.
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📢Try these best nootropic supplements in 2023!📢 🧠Nooceptin: https://hlth.news/get-nooceptin/ 🧠Mind Lab Pro: https://hlth.news/get-mindlabpro/ 🧠NooCube: https://hlth.news/get-noocube/ Nootropics, often referred to as "smart drugs" or "cognitive enhancers," are substances used to improve mental performance, including memory and focus. In this video, we answered the key questions about nootropics: what are nootropics? How do nootropics help to enhance memory and focus? What are the best nootropics for memory and focus? Are there any risks of using nootropics? Nootropics fall into two main categories: dietary supplements and prescription drugs. Dietary supplements, which are sometimes marketed as natural or herbal, include ingredients like ashwagandha, Bacopa monnieri, and omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, prescription nootropics are FDA-approved for specific medical conditions. These substances are sought after for their potential to enhance cognitive functions, with a growing interest in their use for both medical and non-medical purposes. #nootropics #bestnootropics #smartdrugs #healthnews 🔔 Subscribe to our YouTube channel @HealthnewsOfficial to always stay in the loop! 🔔 🎬Check out our other videos🎬 Can NMN Prolong Your Life? The Latest Research➡️https://youtu.be/sctwzsI1hH0 How to Live Longer: Top 5 Foods to Eat For Longevity➡️https://youtu.be/AmVswu0A-FI Longevity and Fitness: Can Fitness Lead to a Longer Life?➡️https://youtu.be/eSVcFPk2Cgs What Are the Hidden Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms?➡️https://youtu.be/LKRsVMLRLgc 💬 Let’s connect on other social media channels 💬https://linktr.ee/HealthNewsOfficial 📧 Stay in the loop with the most essential topics from the world of health with @HealthNewsOfficial newsletter: https://hlth.news/get-newsletter/ 📧 ⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️ 0:00 Nootropics for Memory and Focus 0:43 Prescription Nootropics vs Nootropic Supplements 1:37 What Are Nootropics? 2:21 How Do Nootropics Work? 3:50 Nooceptin 4:17 Mind Lab Pro 4:42 NooCube 5:40 Risks of Using Nootropics 📚 Sources and material 📚 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9415189/ https://www.opss.org/sites/default/files/downloadable/OPSS_BHG_022521_508.pdf https://www.opss.org/article/nootropics-drugs-vs-dietary-supplements-brain-health ➡️ Don’t forget to visit our website: https://hlth.news/visit-healthnews/ ℹ️ About us ℹ️ Healthnews is a media channel that educates people on various health topics and provides readers the most up-to-date, science-led, fact-based medical information in a language that is easy to understand. We dive deep into health and science topics that interest you without shying away from controversial topics. HealthNews content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and is for general informational and educational purposes only. See a licensed medical professional for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment Some of the links in the video or description may be affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and make a purchase, we may receive commissions at no extra cost to you.
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ONE SOCIAL co-founder Carson Synh 50th Birthday Celebration. Family and friends celebrated a top a hill over looking the city lights and starlight. Love and Harmony ! ❤️🎂   Music by SAD ROBOT available on One Meida and Akashic Records Jan 20024
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Watch the iconic band TEAR FOR FEARS perform their egnimatic song 'SHOUT' whom delivers a stunning performance. Over 40 years and they have never sounded better. Check out Tears For Fears latetst album here : https://tearsforfears.com Tears for Fears are a British pop rock band formed in Bath in 1981 by Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal. Founded after the dissolution of their first band, the mod-influenced Graduate, Tears for Fears were associated with the new wave synthesizer bands of the 1980s, and attained international chart success as part of the Second British Invasion.[8] The band's debut album, The Hurting (1983), reached number one on the UK Albums Chart, and their first three hit singles – "Mad World", "Change", and "Pale Shelter" – all reached the top five in the UK Singles Chart. Their second album, Songs from the Big Chair (1985), reached number one on the US Billboard 200, achieving multi-platinum status in both the US and the UK.[9][10] The album contained two US Billboard Hot 100 number one hits: "Shout" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", both of which also reached the top five in the UK with the latter winning the Brit Award for Best British Single in 1986.[11] Their belated follow-up, The Seeds of Love (1989), entered the UK chart at number one and yielded the transatlantic top 5 hit "Sowing the Seeds of Love". After touring The Seeds of Love in 1990, Smith and Orzabal had an acrimonious split. Orzabal retained the Tears for Fears name as a solo project, releasing the albums Elemental (1993) – which produced the international hit "Break It Down Again" – and Raoul and the Kings of Spain(1995). Orzabal and Smith reconciled in 2000 and released an album of new material, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, in 2004. The duo have toured on a semi-regular basis since then. After being in development for almost a decade, the band's seventh album, The Tipping Point, was released in 2022,[12] giving the band their sixth UK Top 5 album and their highest chart peak in 30 years, and reaching the Top 10 in numerous other countries, including the US. In 2021, Orzabal and Smith were honoured with the Ivor Novello Award for 'Outstanding Song Collection' recognising their "era-defining Tears for Fears albums" and "critically acclaimed, innovative hit singles".
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by Published On November 22, 2023

By Mark Lacey


When we look at a radio, we understand that the radio does not create the music, but rather, the radio receives the signal. I argue that our consciousness acts as a field, and when we see the brain lighting up and firing off its neurons, what we are seeing is a function of the brain, not the source of our consciousness. In the fields of neuroscience and cognitive science, they still wrestle with understanding where and how consciousness arises. They have named this 'The Hard Problem'. 

Until now, the mechanistic deterministic material models have theorized that our minds are all in our heads, and they argue that once the brain stops functioning at death, there is no more consciousness because there is no more sensory input for the brain to process and recall for memory. However, this is not entirely accurate. When we place someone under anesthesia for surgery, the brain is essentially knocked out from receiving all sensory inputs, yet the brain continues to monitor and manage all of the body's functions. 

In reality, there are two sides of functions: one could say there is the mind part that works out all of our mental properties and senses to go about the world, and then there are the internal properties where the brain is like the mainframe computer making sure everything is running and signals to each other where our brains manage everything. These are always happening, but we don't pay attention to them because they're running in the background. These are separate from subconsciousness, which relates more to how we perceive, react, and behave in our actions. 

There is an extra sense that most people have never heard about besides our five senses, and that is a thing called "Interoception". This is an extra sense that acts like your internal clock, along with managing everything from hunger, sleep, and your heart rate, to behavior, from the emotional cues and how they affect your overall internal being. I will be writing a separate article on this extra sense in a future article. 

This article aims to explore the concept of consciousness as a field and its potential for connecting to the vastness of the universe. It delves into the idea that consciousness acts as a field, which can potentially explain enigmas such as psychic phenomena and telepathy, aligning with the concept of action at a distance. The article also provides a layman's definition of a field, discusses the quantum physics research of
 Nobel Laureate Sir Roger Penrose on microtubules.  I will highlight the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on our bodies and brains and why so much of the research around the fields of study in Bioenergetics have been kept hidden from mainstream science.

The works of Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Harold Burr from Yale University are included to present scientific arguments supporting the notion of consciousness as a field. Most importantly, I want to help you become more aware of these concepts because ultimately we need to have better mental hygiene in order to protect ourselves from many external influences taking place in a modern world. We live under a matrix of radiation, EMF pulses, wireless and invisible frequencies that neither we can see, hear, or sense. In fact, we only sense a very minuscule part of the total electromagnetic spectrum. 

The other important point and why I am writing this series is to ensure you have awareness about certain scientific research that has been kept hidden from the public. These all involve the study of electromagnetics and its effects upon the body and the brain. In fact, there has been a whole field of fascinating study called "bioenergetics". Personally, I have been researching this area for decades and what most people don't realize is that our minds and bodies can be influenced by frequency waves and EMF. 

I am going to start this series with some definitions and some recent research in the fields of Quantum Physics. The other subject that must also be brought into this is how this all relates to what many deem as "soul" and "spirit". Whether you are of faith or a scientific atheist, these have to be included because we are metaphysical beings and in that realm, our modern sciences cannot sense or have capabilities within their current approach to define and explain. However, when we can view the consciousness as a field, it all comes together in a nice synergy. 

Once you can fully grasp this, it opens up your true potential and reveals that we are not just some randomized lump of proteins, cells, and matter that haphazardly stumbled through evolution. There is a cause, and like all causes, there must be a purpose. That purpose will be up to you to decide. However, in future articles, I will explain what I have discovered and more importantly, when you do find your purpose, it is simple, it is self-evident in every human and it signals from the heart, not from our skulls.


Every living thing vibrates and is moving and interacting with these waves of vibrations. Your eyes decipher light, that makes a pattern for your brain to interpret. No two people see the same color blue or red; we all see the world through our own inner "subjective universe". This is called Qualia - your subjective experience on how your consciousness perceives everything you encounter both externally and internally. 

Defining a Field:

To begin, let us define the idea of a field for the layman. In scientific terms, a field refers to a region of space where a particular force or property exists. Just as magnetic fields can influence  objects can extend and effect those at a distance, consciousness as a field suggests that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions can interact beyond the limits of our physical selves. The concept of consciousness as a field holds intriguing possibilities for understanding the interconnected nature of our existence. The theory that our consciousness extends beyond the confines of our physical bodies, acting as a field that has the potential to connect with the broader universe.



Conscious coherence refers to the state of alignment and harmony between our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. It is often associated with the concept of Quantum Physics (QP), which explores the fundamental nature of reality at the quantum level. In relation to QP, conscious coherence recognizes that our consciousness and thoughts have a direct influence on the observed physical reality.

Consciousness and its relationship to the brain is a topic of ongoing exploration and understanding. Some theories suggest that consciousness is not solely confined to the physical brain, but rather extends beyond it. In this context, consciousness can be viewed as a field that interacts with the brain, similar to how a radio lights up when it receives a signal. Acting as a field the brain serves as a receiver or conduit for consciousness, rather than being the source of consciousness itself. Just like a radio receives signals and processes them to produce sound, the brain receives consciousness and translates it into thoughts, perceptions, and experiences. When we observe brain activity, we are essentially witnessing the brain's functioning in response to consciousness.

This idea also aligns with the concept of conscious coherence and its relation to quantum physics. If consciousness acts as a field, it suggests that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions can influence and shape that field, thereby impacting our brain's activity and ultimately our experiences of reality. It is important to note that this perspective does not dismiss the importance of the brain or its role in cognition. The brain plays a crucial role in processing and organizing information, and its intricate neural networks form the basis of our conscious experiences.

However, it suggests that consciousness itself is not limited to the brain alone and has a broader existence beyond it. While this notion challenges traditional views of the brain as the sole producer of consciousness, it provides a fascinating perspective that opens up new possibilities for understanding the nature of our conscious experiences.  This opens up new possibilities for understanding the nature of our conscious experiences and highlights the interconnectedness of consciousness and the physical brain.

At its core, conscious coherence can help us direct our attention inward so that when we are in a state of alignment and coherence within ourselves, we are better able to interact with and influence our external environment. This concept is in line with the idea that our thoughts and intentions have a direct impact on the quantum field, which then shapes the particles and events in our physical reality. In practical terms, conscious coherence involves cultivating a state of focused awareness, emotional balance, and positive intentions.


Quantum Physics and Penrose Microtubules:



As a mathematician by training, it is unsurprising that several of Dr. Penrose’s early academic accomplishments were not within the fields of astronomy or physics.  Shown below are the Penrose Triangle (initially discovered by Oscar Reutersvärd, but popularized & independently re-discovered by Penrose & his father in the 1950s) & a Penrose tiling.  If two polygons can only create non-periodic tilings, these tilings are considered Penrose tilings.  The Penrose Triangle and Penrose stairs are both featured prominently in the works of M.C. Escher, most notably “Waterfall” and “Ascending and Descending.” 

A blue and green Penrose tiling.

A Penrose Tiling. Credit: Wikipedia 

A grey, black, & white penrose triangle.

A Penrose Triangle. Credit: Wikipedia 

Dr. Penrose was awarded ½ the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics for “the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity.”  He continues today pushing the  advancements  Penrose’s contributions, we must first understand the state of black hole science in the early 1960s.

In his groundbreaking wirk in Quantum physics he provides a framework that aligns with the concept of consciousness as a field. Sir Roger Penrose's research on microtubules, which are microscopic structures found within neurons, sheds light on the potential quantum properties of our consciousness. The orchestrated objective reduction theory proposes that these quantum processes in microtubules contribute to consciousness.


Psychic and Telepathic Phenomena:

The widespread belief in psychic phenomena and telepathy can find support in the theory of consciousness as a field. The notion of action at a distance, where information is transmitted without direct physical interaction, aligns with the concept of conscious coherence fields connecting individuals. This suggests that our consciousness can transcend physical boundaries and enable communication and connection beyond ordinary means.

The Influence of Electromagnetic Fields:

Electromagnetic fields (EMF), which permeate our environment, also play a significant role in the discussion. Our bodies and brains generate electromagnetic fields, and research indicates that external EMFs can impact our well-being. Dr. Robert O. Becker's work demonstrates the effects of specific frequencies on biological processes, including tissue regeneration. Additionally, Dr. Harold Burr's studies at Yale University suggest the existence of an energy field surrounding living organisms.



Becoming more conscious 

The concept of consciousness as a field offers a perspective that goes beyond our individual existence, suggesting a connection to the vastness of the universe. Furthermore, the influence of electromagnetic fields, as exemplified by the works of Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Harold Burr, supports the hypothesis that our consciousness acts as a field. As our understanding deepens, this concept may unlock astonishing insights into the nature of consciousness and its interplay with the universe.

It requires us to become more conscious of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotional states, and to align them with our desired outcomes. By doing so, we can create a coherent energetic field around us that resonates with our intentions, thereby enhancing the probability of manifesting them in the physical realm. To achieve conscious coherence, various techniques and practices can be employed. These may include meditation, visualization, affirmations, mindfulness, and energy healing modalities, among others. The key is to develop self-awareness and to consciously choose thoughts, emotions, and intentions that support our desired outcomes.

Through consistent practice, we can strengthen our ability to maintain a state of conscious coherence, resulting in a greater sense of empowerment and the manifestation of our intentions. It is important to note that conscious coherence should not be seen as a magical solution to all problems, but rather as a tool to align our energy and intentions with our desired outcomes. It does not dismiss the external factors and circumstances that may influence our lives, but rather seeks to empower us by recognizing the power of our consciousness in shaping our reality.



We Are Electromagnetic Beings 

In the realm of Quantum Physics, When considering consciousness as a field, the electromagnetic field (EMF) can indeed play a part. According to certain theories, conscious coherence can be influenced by electromagnetic fields, and there is evidence to suggest that electromagnetic fields can affect the behavior of particles at a distance.In the context of consciousness as a field, electromagnetic fields are thought to interact with and influence the state of consciousness.

EMFs are generated by electrical charges and can exert forces on charged particles, such as electrons. Our brains and nervous systems rely on electrical impulses for their functioning, which suggests a potential interaction between electromagnetic fields and consciousness. As for the effect of EMFs on the conscious fields at a distance, it is important to note that the nature of these interactions has been recieving a lot of attention and  are being explored and researched. Some studies suggest that electromagnetic fields can affect brain activity and cognitive function. For instance, exposure to certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, such as those emitted by cell phones or Wi-Fi signals, has been investigated for potential effects on human health and cognition.


EMF Effects On Consciousness 

It is indeed true that specific frequencies of electromagnetic waves can have an impact on living systems and their bioenergetic processes. Our bodies and brains are complex systems that rely on intricate patterns and functions, including biochemical interactions. If we consider the concept that everything possesses its own unique pattern, it is plausible to speculate that specific frequencies could potentially be used to influence or induce certain effects within these systems. Like I discussed before,  Dr. Robert O. Becker, a renowned researcher in the field of bioelectromagnetics, has indeed conducted significant work on the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on living organisms. His research explored the correlation between electromagnetic fields and biological responses, such as tissue regeneration and healing. One of Dr. Becker's prominent findings was the discovery of the "DC current of injury," which refers to the flow of direct current that occurs when tissue is damaged. By applying specific frequencies or pulsed electromagnetic fields, Becker demonstrated the ability to influence and accelerate the healing process of certain tissues.

While there is a growing body of research indicating the potential benefits and therapeutic applications of specific frequencies, the precise mechanisms by which these frequencies interact with living systems have been cloaked under secrecy. Many other scientists whom have researched these areas have often found them facing a choice between working for Military research under strict NDA's or threatened to defund their work. Nikola Tesla is not the only scientist whom found his work and reputation ruined durring his life. Dr. Becker has shed light on the influence of electromagnetic frequencies on biological responses in the 1980s. However, further research is needed to fully understand the underlying mechanisms, the dangers that his research revealed on the effects of non ionizing radiation on biolgical systems ( i.e., Wi-Fi, 5G, Microwaves, etc)  and potential applications of specific frequencies in various contexts.


Dr. Harold Burr's L- Fields

Dr. Harold Burr was a prominent Yale Professor and researcher, starting in the 1940's his dedicated his work to the study of what he called "l-field" or "life field." He proposed the idea that all living organisms have an energy field that surrounds and interacts with their physical bodies, influencing their overall health and well-being. According to Dr. Burr, this life field is composed of various electromagnetic frequencies and patterns that contribute to the proper functioning of living systems. He believed that disruptions or imbalances in the life field could result in health issues. Dr. Burr's research involved using sensitive instruments to measure and map the electromagnetic fields of different organisms, including plants, animals, and humans. He discovered that these energy fields exhibited distinct patterns and variations depending on the organism's state of health.

Furthermore, Dr. Burr observed that specific areas within the life field seemed to correspond to different organs or systems in the body. He theorized that by analyzing the energy patterns within these fields, one could gain insights into an individual's health status and potentially detect imbalances or areas of concern before the manifestation of physical symptoms.The concept of life fields aligns with other theories in the field of energy medicine, which propose that subtle energy flows within the body play a crucial role in maintaining health and fostering well-being. His numerous studies and evidence points that addressing imbalances in the energy field can have a positive impact on overall health.It is important to note that the concept of life fields is still considered an area of ongoing research and exploration.

Dr. Harold Burr's research on life fields offers an intriguing perspective on the interplay between electromagnetic energies and living organisms. This earlier work has advanced the recent fields in morphogenisis, which is the biological process that causes a cell, tissue or organism to develop its shape. It is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of tissue growth and patterning of cellular differentiation.  Dr. Burr's work suggests that a complex energy field, known as the life field, surrounds living systems and influences their health and acts as the blueprint that maintains the schematic of our forms and instructions to the billions of cells that will collapse and remake themselves by tommorrow. The study of life fields opens up new possibilities for understanding the energies that contribute to our overall forms, well being and interplay between our consciousness.


Science Discovery Embargos 

Both Dr. Burr and Dr. Becker's research were studied last century, with Burr's going back as far as 1920. Furthermore, Nikola Tesla had already revealed much broader evidence in these fields of study. I will be dedicating an entire article in this series to Mr. Tesla and the implications and impact on science. The important point I want the reader to understand is that there is a whole spectrum of discovery that has been embargoed and kept hidden from the public by the Military Industrial Complex under National Security. This goes against a free and democratic nation where it uses secrecy and deception to keep humanity from realizing a peaceful and harmonious world. My book, AI MANIFESTO, confronts these issues head-on and I also expose a very dark side of technology and reveal the mind control technology that is not science fiction and hasn't been for decades. I waited over 20 years for the NDA's that I was under to expire so I could share information about these technologies that now threaten the inner purity of our minds, and it also motivated me to develop ONE SOCIAL as solution to these threats. Big tech platforms use weaponized algorithms, where now your data becomes a force multiplier to feed these new AI neural networks, for the goals of complete behavior control by extending these capable dual-use systems that use the same systems that our mobile devices use.

Protecting our Consciousness

The Urgent Need for Mental Hygiene in the Age of EMF and External Influences

In an era characterized by rapidly advancing brain sciences and the dual purpose they serve, it is crucial to recognize the potential threats posed to our consciousness. The public needs will need to have better awareness about these threats because it will require investing in mental hygiene to safeguard our minds from external influences, particularly electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and other forces that may seek to control or manipulate our thoughts and behaviors.

The Historical Context:

To understand the gravity of this issue, it is essential to acknowledge the historical background. The United States' Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a notorious history with an explicit interest in mind control, dating back to World War II and the Cold War era. Research into psychotronics and microwave technologies aimed at controlling minds was explored extensively during that time and projects like MK-Ultra has continued today, where the atrocities of using human experiements with chemicals shifted to control the mind with electricalmagnetics. For instance, Dr. Jose Delgado's work as far as back in the 1950's with electrodes to control a bull demonstrated the potential for direct manipulation of behavior. Additionally, numerous scientists in the field of bioenergetics were repositioned to contribute to military research and development (R&D) efforts. Technologies has adavanced where no electrodes are required or any implants. Our minds are open without firewalls and enables for many exploits from EMF that have left thousands of innocent citizens as targeted individuals, whom receieve no help becuase the Military Industrial Complex has kept the public, media and academics in the dark. Mind Control is not science fiction and innocent victims our traumatized 24/7 with mental rape and no where to hide.  If we continue to stay naive, many more will face this technocratic paradigm where the people will be ruled by algorithms. 

The eminent figure in bioenergetics, Dr. Robert O. Becker, conducted extensive research on the non-ionizing effects of electromagnetic fields. He submitted his findings related to the Navy's Sanguine project. However, Dr. Becker refused to engage in further military-funded research. These accounts highlight the real threats associated with the control and manipulation of consciousness that have often been suppressed or downplayed. Public academia and the psychiatric community, lacking comprehensive knowledge on these subjects, have been ill-informed due to these national security embargoes.



Emerging Threats:

DARPA N3 and Beyond: Today, we face an even greater concern with the emergence of capable mind control weapons, including the Military Lab DARPA's N3 program. These new brain weapons can place unwittingly a persons under Mind control,  with live feedback using AI, nueral Networks in real time, remotely using deployment through nano particles ( breathed into or digested into the body) and focus brain frequencies through EMF. As artificial intelligence (AI) and data mapping of the brain continue to advance, the potential for manipulating mass populaces of consciousness becomes a potent force multiplier. The convergence of technology and neuroscience raises critical questions about individual privacy, autonomy, and the protection of our mental and cognitive faculties.

Investing in Mental Hygiene:

Given the aforementioned threats and the accelerating pace of technological advancements, prioritizing mental hygiene becomes imperative. Mental hygiene encompasses practices that promote psychological well-being and the preservation of our consciousness. These can include mindfulness and meditation techniques, fostering critical thinking abilities, and developing resilience protocals that I address in my book 'AI MANIFESTO' against external influences.

The Role of Education and Public Discussion:

To address these concerns effectively, it is vital to encourage open public discussions and knowledge sharing on the risks associated with external influences and the protection of our consciousness. Educational institutions, research organizations, and policymakers must collaborate to create platforms for informed dialogue, ensuring that the broader community can participate in understanding these new threats to our human dignity and protections agaisnt losing our minds. It's no longer science fiction where minds can be controlled unwittingly.  


The need to invest in personal practices in mental hygiene as a means to have a strong self awareness, control over your attention, stop providing anymore personal behavior data and remove yourself from big tech platforms. One Social was developed without the use of data collection and have a policy to use no algorithms.  

AI is advancing quickly out of public view and plays a central role in the control of populations. It will become increasingly more difficult to protect your mind by continuing in providing your data, which is the most valuable asset in order for these AI systems to control your behaviors. You will never be aware when one of these capable technologies intrude into your brain, because they signal frequencies just as your mobile phone recieves signals through EMF.

To protect our consciousness from the perils of external influences, including EMF and mind control technologies, is of utmost importance. Historical evidence of research in mind control, the works of scientists such as Dr. Becker whom revealed decades ago that EMF is capable of influencing behaviors , and the emergence of programs like DARPA N3 that have capabilities to read and write to the brain non invasivly without the use of implants. This is  just one capable technology of hundreds and  underscore the urgency of this matter.

We must start prioritizing mental hygiene and fostering public discussion so we can strive towards safeguarding our cognitive and emotional freedom in an increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced world. You can learn more by watching the video for my AI MANIFESTO below.


- Mark Lacey is the co-founder of One Social and author of AI MANIFESTO that exposes mind control technology, an examination into consciousness, and the role of Big Tech and the Military Industrial Complex in their history of pursuing their holy grail of Mind Control. The AI Manifesto examines the human condition as it confronts AI and offers a comprehensive approach to help foster a more harmonious world. It teaches the reader how to develop their personal firewall in protecting their consciousness. The AI MANIFESTO audiobook version has been available for free to help share these important paradigms that we all must confront. https://onesocial.media/manifesto




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