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by November 22, 2023
By Mark Lacey YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AS A FIELD When we look at a radio, we understand that the radio does not create the music, but rather, the radio receives the signal. I argue that our consciousness acts as a field, and when we see the brain lighting up and firing off its neurons, what we are seeing is a function of the brain, not the source of our consciousness. In the fields of neuroscience and cognitive science, they still wrestle with understanding where and how consciousness arises. They ...
by August 17, 2023
## The Hidden Power of Sound: Can Music and Frequencies Influence Our DNA? In 1986, Japanese scientist Susumu Ohno made a startling discovery - the four nucleotide bases of DNA correspond to musical notes. By associating cytosine (C) with the note C, guanine (G) with the note G, adenine (A) with the note A, and thymine (T) with the note D, Ohno found he could convert DNA sequencing into melodic musical compositions.  This breakthrough revealed an intrinsic musicality within our genetic code an...
Witness the captivating glimpses of Venus, Earth's celestial twin, showcasing its enigmatic beauty in a way that will leave you in awe.Once deemed Earth's twin due to its similar size and its close proximity, Venus has earned a notorious reputation as the evil sibling of our planetary family. With a wealth of knowledge gathered by scientists, we now understand Venus to be a toxic wasteland, an inferno where heat is trapped in its thick atmosphere due to a runaway greenhouse effect. Surprisingly,...
Geoffrey Hinton was an artificial intelligence pioneer. In 2012, Dr. Hinton and two of his graduate students at the University of Toronto created technology that became the intellectual foundation for the A.I. systems that the tech industry’s biggest companies believe is a key to their future. On Monday, however, he officially joined a growing chorus of critics who say those companies are racing toward danger with their aggressive campaign to create products based on generative artificial intel...
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by May 13, 2023
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by December 5, 2022
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ULTRA CHAT provides you audio, video and text chating. From one to many with no data collection, no creepy algorithms and with your privacy protected, you now can say goodbye to all those other unsafe zoom apps.  One Social champions freedom of expression with no censorship. We built One Social and Ultra Chat as a solution to the weaponized algorithms that now rule over our lives. After all, our brains dont have firewalls. One Social is the first platform that has a cause for human rights and code of ethics to protect our minds and bodies from intrusion from any technologies.  Learn more by watching this special preview video highlighting Ultra Chat to help you stay connected with private chat and collaboration tools to help you thrive. Be sure to join our cause and learn more about One Social's AI Manifesto 'Keeping Natural Human Code Supreme' at https://onesocial.live/onecause ♥️