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by November 22, 2023
By Mark Lacey YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AS A FIELD When we look at a radio, we understand that the radio does not create the music, but rather, the radio receives the signal. I argue that our consciousness acts as a field, and when we see the brain lighting up and firing off its neurons, what we are seeing is a function of the brain, not the source of our consciousness. In the fields of neuroscience and cognitive science, they still wrestle with understanding where and how consciousness arises. They ...
by August 17, 2023
## The Hidden Power of Sound: Can Music and Frequencies Influence Our DNA? In 1986, Japanese scientist Susumu Ohno made a startling discovery - the four nucleotide bases of DNA correspond to musical notes. By associating cytosine (C) with the note C, guanine (G) with the note G, adenine (A) with the note A, and thymine (T) with the note D, Ohno found he could convert DNA sequencing into melodic musical compositions.  This breakthrough revealed an intrinsic musicality within our genetic code an...
Witness the captivating glimpses of Venus, Earth's celestial twin, showcasing its enigmatic beauty in a way that will leave you in awe.Once deemed Earth's twin due to its similar size and its close proximity, Venus has earned a notorious reputation as the evil sibling of our planetary family. With a wealth of knowledge gathered by scientists, we now understand Venus to be a toxic wasteland, an inferno where heat is trapped in its thick atmosphere due to a runaway greenhouse effect. Surprisingly,...
Geoffrey Hinton was an artificial intelligence pioneer. In 2012, Dr. Hinton and two of his graduate students at the University of Toronto created technology that became the intellectual foundation for the A.I. systems that the tech industry’s biggest companies believe is a key to their future. On Monday, however, he officially joined a growing chorus of critics who say those companies are racing toward danger with their aggressive campaign to create products based on generative artificial intel...
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by December 21, 2022
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One Social's developer, Mark Lacey, has recorded an important message for the many awakened content creators who have inspired the development of One Social. He also discusses the many other dark secrets of big tech's use of weaponized algorithms and AI that are kept hidden from the public. Mr. Lacey states, "As an insider who has worked in technology and media for over three decades, what has kept me up at night more than anything else is knowing that these beastly systems are now targeting truth-tellers. However, it wouldn't be helpful for me to share these concerns without some solutions. This is why it's important that we developed an independent platform focused on these issues. Now that the stakes our higher, industries have tuned their algorithms to understand how we tick, so to ultimatley trap us! Certaintly, the awakened community should'nt be exploited in becoming big tech's MVP to drive their beastly agendas." "The good news is that One Social can be a solution and maintains that our greatest strength is our capacity to unite in an authentic way, and this is where we truly thrive!," Mr. Lacey added. In his message here, he also includes a preview from his upcoming film, 'Our Brains Do Not Have Firewalls', which includes a shocking interview with Yuval Harrai, the World Economic Forum's lead advisor who is organizing the transformation of our societies that is currently underway. Mr. Lacey emphasizes the importance of finding solutions right away. "We must not be naive, that by staying on their platforms that we can overcome their powerful machine learning and AI. More importantly, the content creators who must contend with big tech's algorithms and censorship eventually become the  "pied pipers," leading their followers into sophisticated AI systems that model our behaviors and serve multibillion-dollar global interests, transforming humanity into a centrally controlled technocracy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already underway with State Actors, Military, Intelligence Agencies and industries from all sectors of technology—financial, medical, scientific, academic, media, agriculture, and energy—have unveiled their plans on a global scale." Although artificial intelligence has the potential to be a force for good in the world, we must develop and use it responsibly and with a thorough understanding of its societal implications. More importantly, it must be guided by morality and have an ethical code to ensure our human dignity is protected. Because technology is market driven, it is only after the harm has been done that society becomes aware of the misuse of technologies. With AI currently advancing at break neck speed and big tech's history of unethical and exploitative business practices, the consequences to humanity could not be greater than at any other time in our history. Although it is alarming to hear what is presented in public view on global stage, there is far greater advancements taking place behind closed doors.  The World Economic Forum, which is leading this Fourth Industrial Revolution and has every country's government leaders on board, has made it public that humans will be the next raw resource to be tracked, hacked, manipulated, and merged with machines, with the Western United States and Europe leading its technological goals.    listen to the free audiobook preview now at Https://onesocial.media/manifesto   OUR BRAINS DON'T HAVE FIREWALLS  We need solutions now, which is why we created One Social. "Our mission is clear: to provide a platform where the awakened can be united and collaborate along with producing original content to inspire, educate and drive awareness . Our cause will be laser focused on these issues that already  threaten our human dignity," One Social's founder,  Mark Lacey exposes the use of weaponized algorithms, brain nueroscience, AI, and other wireless technologies hidden from public view that are capable to manipulate our brains and behaviors remotely and without trace. Mark Lacey's Bio Mark Lacey is an insider with over three decades of experience in entertainment, music, and technology. In the 1990s, he founded one of the first social communities on the internet, which defined a generation. Tens of millions of people visited Raveworld, and his philosophy, PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect), was one of the first internet memes to spread offline to live music festivals around the world, drawing hundreds of thousands of people. He contends that we require an ethical code for human rights in order to protect ourselves from the advancing AI intrusion into our minds and bodies. One Social enables us to build a community of awakened consciousness without the use of algorithms as weapons. This allows us to bring people together in a genuine, authentic way and truly help them thrive. To learn more about One Social's important cause, Mark reveals his explosive podcast, here : Https://onesocial.media/manifesto