by January 31, 2023
  The thirst for knowledge has consumed humanity since the dawn of civilization. However, until recently there have been numerous “gate-keepers” to the world of knowledge. Prior to the rise of the Internet most knowledge was conveyed to the populace through a centralized educational system, the state and the mass media. What this meant was that whomever controlled these institutions controlled the ideas that spread through a population. The advent of the Internet has initiated a revolution like no other. The Internet is smashing all barriers to knowledge by granting individuals across the globe free and easy access to the vast library of ideas built up by humanity. For the first time in history we can seriously say that knowledge is free – the contemporary gatekeepers do not have the capacity to censor and control information on mass scale. At least, not yet.  The goal of this website is to further the spread of knowledge and freedom. We create content examining the ideas put forth by humanity’s greatest philosophers, psychologists, and economists. These individuals left us with a commodity more valuable than all others. Some people have said that money rules the world, some say politicians, some say weapons – they are all wrong. The truth is that ideas rule the world, they always have and always will. It is ideas that will, for better or worse, shape the destiny of mankind.  “Thoughts that come on doves’ feet guide the world.” (Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra) Academy of Ideas is the creation of two brothers from Canada. All of the content is produced by us. We are not supported by or affiliated with any organization or university. Our goal is to spread the message of individual liberty and empowerment to as many people as possible. Help us in our mission, and access our growing library of Membership videos (currently 55+ videos) – Become a Supporting Member! We rely on the support of individuals like you. Learn more by following the link below: https://academyofideas.com/about/
by December 20, 2022
A curated list of the best sound baths, crystal singing bowls, and healing 528 Hz frequencies to raise your frequencies for healing, detoxing, sleeping, and more Having sleeping issues? Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed? Experiencing Pain? We've put together a list of the best long-form baths, which can last anywhere from three hours to more than twelve hours and include sound baths from artists and healers, healing vibrations, beautiful crystal bowls, thoughtful lighting, and themed sets that will take you to another world. We have included our own 528 Hz frequency sessions to help with body, mind, and soul. While resonance is revealing many health and mental benefits from recent neuroscience, it is  also uncovering how frequencies play a large part in our brain and interception functions. Raising your brain frequency starts when your brain locks into the sound frequency that resonates and helps your body defend itself against emf pollution, any targeted energy attack, and the radiating emf that our bodies are constantly swimming in from wifi, 5G, and modern smart devices. HELPFUL TIPS; 1. Make sure auto-play is turned on in the playlist. You can find this in the top-right corner of your web browser, next to the video you're watching. 2. All of the videos in the playlist have coordinated sound baths; there may be an advertisement before each new video from third-party streaming; however, once the video begins, it will run for the full duration of 3 to 12 hours, uninterrupted. 3. For sleeping, choosing one of the black-screen videos in our playlist is perfect if light bothers you; otherwise, start from the beginning with the Healing Vibration sound baths, as they are top production quality and have beautiful color therapy; theme sets are an added benefit. 4. Reduce the volume to a lower level than usual. Sound baths and crystal bowls tend to reverberate even at lower volumes. Connecting to Bluetooth-quality speakers, headphones, or earbuds will optimize your sessions. 5. Don't be surprised if you become addicted to these sound baths (it's a good addiction, though!). We are guilty of watching thousands of plays, and it's our go-to every night before bed. 6. Watch our series "One Frequencies" to learn the science behind the power of sound and the ground-breaking new discoveries of the hidden healing energy of frequencies. You can view our series here: https://onesocial.live/onetv/playlist/29/one-frequency/ Be well. Feel Well. 💜One Frequency United #SoundBaths #Frequencies #Healing # SleepSounds #528Hz #BrainEntrainment #Resonance
by December 17, 2022
ONE FILM FEST - Curated by the heart!  We present you  weekly shorts, documentaries, animation and features selected to inspire the heart and soul.     Be sure to join the ONE FILM FEST channel to watch new weekly films, get behind the scenes interviews with the Directors, photos and production details. If you would like to submit your film for consideration please use our contact form or join the channel and send a message to our ONE FILM FEST channel admin. https://onesocial.live/onefilmfest/
by December 16, 2022
Arcana- “hidden knowledge” Arcana Unveiled" is a series that explores esoteric and occult knowledge that has been hidden from the public for centuries. The series aims to reveal the secrets of Natural Law and provide viewers with the keys to awakening. Through interviews with experts, spiritual leaders, and teachers, the series demystifies ancient wisdom teachings and guides viewers on a path towards liberation from materialism and the trappings of the ego. Many great teachers throughout history, including Christ and Buddha, have understood these Natural Laws and sought to guide humanity towards harmony. By becoming aware of these virtues, viewers can ultimately achieve oneness with the creator and live a more fulfilling life.
by December 12, 2022
ONESOCIAL cause playlist featuring: videos of our mission, purpose and cause. Our code of ethics for human rights protections of intrusion from of any technologies into our bodies and minds, no use of creepy algorithms, no data collection exploiting our preceptions. Make sure to join our cause 'KEEPING NATURAL HUMAN CODE SUPREME' at https://onesocial.live/onecause